Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Neck and Back Stretches for Beginners

By: Pat Lowe

There's a vast array of stretching routines that target your back and neck, most of them easy and effective. These basic techniques are perfect for those who are new to stretching.

Basic Back Stretch

One of the most useful stretches you can do for your spine is the basic back stretch. Follow these directions: Stand upright, contract your abdominal muscles while bending forward at your hips, and lower your hands to the floor. Then relax your head down and push with your fingertips while you feel the stretch in your back. Hold this pose for 30 seconds; if you find this too difficult, build up slowly to this length of time.

Wide Back and Shoulder Stretch

This stretch should directly follow the basic back stretch. While your hands are still on the floor, stand with your feet wide apart and your arms positioned on the
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