Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alcoholism vs. Alcohol Abuse

By: Ed Philips

Alcoholism is a disease involving uncontrollable physical dependence and emotional reliance on alcohol. The sufferer is unable to stay away from drink even when faced with dire consequences in all areas of his life - marriage, work, financial health. It is a chronic disease and often progresses to the point, if untreated, it becomes fatal.

Alcohol abuse on the other hand, still refers to an alcohol related problem but is considered to be a less serious level than that of an alcoholic. The alcohol abuser may drink to excess and suffer both health and social problems as a result, but they never lose complete control over alcohol as compared to the inability to do so in the alcoholic.

Do not be fooled by alcohol abuse however, while not as severe as alcoholism, abuse is still not a safe way to indulge in alcohol.
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